EA+MPEC | “Eborae  Atomic+Molecular Plasma Emission Code”

Equilibrium and non- equilibrium plasma emission code including processes due to particle collisions: electron impact ionisation and excitation auto-ionization, radiative and dielectric recombination, charge exchange reactions and line emission (excitation) and continuum (free-free, free-bound, two photon).
Author: Miguel Avillez
Published: Avillez & Breitschwerdt 2010, Avillez et al. 2012


CPIPES | “Collisional + Photo ionisation Plasma Emission Software”

This is a photo plus collisional ionisation and emission package that can be coupled to any HD or MHD code providing a time-dependent evolution of the ionisation structure and emission of a plasma in a Lagrangean fashion. The code includes: electron impact ionization, inner-shell excitation ionization, radiative and dielectric recombination, three-body recombination, charge exchange reactions, photoionization due to a radiation field, inner-shell photoionisation, Auger and Coster-Kronig processes, Comptonionization, heating deposition due to secondaries electrons and contributions ot the ionization and excitation by secondaries. Line (allowed, forbidden and semi-forbidden) and continuum (free-free, 2 photon and free-bound) emissions. The code deals with thermal and non- thermal distributions of the plasma (e.g., Maxwellian, k- and n- distributions) and traces the thermalisation of the different constituents.
Author: Miguel Avillez
Published: Avillez 2018a, 2018b, 2019a, 2019b


EVAF-PAMR Code | “Evora-Vienna Astrophysical Fluids – Parallel Adaptive Mesh Refinement Code”

A hybrid shared-distributed memory (OpenMP/MPI), multi-dimensional MHD adaptive and block mesh refinement code written in Fortran 2003/2008. The code uses OpenMP and MPI directives. Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems. Included physics: local self-gravity, magnetic fields, heat conduction, cosmic rays.
Author: Miguel Avillez
Published: Avillez+Breitschwerdt 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009


OpenCL PPM MHD Code 

MHD hybrid (OpenCL + OpenMP) code to run in Graphics Processor Units (GPUs). It outperforms a CPU based code by 64 times. Uses the PPM algorithm combined with a divergence free algorithm. The software was chosen for the pool of accelerators benchmarking software in PRACE-4IP Work Package 7, Task 7.2.
Authors: Nuno Carvalho e Miguel Avillez
Published: PRACE-2IP WP7 Report (2014)